Take the 10 Days of Connection Challenge to connect with others who are different from you, in whatever way you’re ready. You can break bread, reach out to a neighbor, explore a new place – or find your own way to build new connections.

Connection Ideas!

Take Action!

Break Bread: Invite a new person to share a meal with you! If you’re feeling ambitious, organize a potluck in order to bring people together.
  • On Wednesday May 24th, MCCJ encourages you to join in for #LetsDoLunch. Learn more here.
  • On Sunday, May 28th, enjoy a delicious lunch with the Syrian Supper Club of South Florida. Tickets are available here.
Reach Out: Do something kind for another person. Help a stranger carry groceries, wave to an unfamiliar face, or even buy the coffee for a stranger.
  • Check out these 10 simple ways you and your family can connect with your neighbors today and every day!
Make Conversation: Strike up a conversation with a stranger. From small talk in the elevator to a chat with your bank teller, embrace the awkward and connect.
  • This epic list of 250 conversation starters will certainly give you some ideas for how to engage with new friends in the elevator, waiting in line, or in a waiting room.
Learn About New Perspectives: Seek out a new perspective or knowledge by researching online, reading a book, or talking to a person whose background is different from your own. Internalize your learnings, and try to keep them in mind moving forward.
  • Come to Venture Cafe Miami on Thursday May 25th and learn about the contributions of migrant workers to our region. Learn more here.
Capture Connection Moments: Take a picture that embodies your personal understanding of connection. Whether your interpretation is a person, place, thing, or something else altogether – share your image with others on social media.
Explore New Places: Venture to a new neighborhood and explore all that it has to offer. Take note of the community’s assets and engage with locals.
  • Check out The New Tropic’s neighborhood guides to learn all that Miami’s communities have to offer!
  • Discover the contributions of farm workers and farmers to the lives of South Floridians during a visit to a Homestead okra farm and plant nursery. Learn more here.
  • Check out the events calendar for many more explorations!
Get Moving: Try a new activity or do something familiar – with someone new. Whether you decide on yoga or surfing, use the common experience to bond.
Sip Cafecito: Enjoy cafecito at 3:05pm with a new person or someone you want to get to know better. Let your love for coffee unite you.
  • Invite a new person to share cafecito with you, perhaps at 3:05pm?
Express Gratitude: Write a note or make a call to let someone know you appreciate them. Or, re-connect with someone from your past. Unexpected doses of kindness and appreciation do wonders for the soul.
Plan for Future Connection: Commit to connecting in the weeks/months/years to come by scheduling regular meals with new connections, signing up to volunteer, or making a personal commitment to regularly explore new perspectives.
  • Check out these tips on how to start a book club.
  • There are so many different places and ways to volunteer. Check out volunteermatch.org to find an opportunity that fits you.

How are locals taking on the connection challenge?

  • Breaking Bread: Stephanie Sylvestre is inviting women who live and work in the Miami area to connect over a light dinner and great conversation. To diversify the guest list, she’s asking all the women she invites to invite other women. In doing so, the web will expand beyond personal networks, bringing together a diverse group of people who will get to know each other over a fascinating meal.
  • Breaking Bread: The Miami Foundation is bringing together an intimate group of Fundholders and Miami Fellows and Alumni to discuss the different ways generations are thinking about philanthropy over a casual breakfast. Whether traditional charitable grantmaking, community organizing or more forward-thinking social impact investing, everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of how to drive more effective civic change!
  • Breaking Bread: On May 22, all organizations residing in the Batchelor Campus (Achieve Miami, Breakthrough Miami, Early Learning Coalition, CREC, The Children’s Movement of Florida, The Children’s Trust, United Way of Miami-Dade) will come together for a potluck lunch. The goal of the potluck is for tenants to learn a little more about one another and share experiences over the universal love of food.
  • Breaking Bread: Univision is hosting an international brunch at Univision Studios!
  • Reaching Out: The Miami-Dade Police Department’s Community Education Specialists are hosting a puppet show about Child Safety, specially for preschool students!
  • Learn About New Perspectives: The Rotary Club of Miami Brickell is hosting a panel discussion with three people who’ve lived abroad and are new to Miami. The three “newbies” will be discussing what it’s like to live in a new country, with specific stories about their experiences making friends, adapting to customs, and more! The audience will then have an opportunity to share their own experiences of living abroad, whether in Miami or elsewhere, thus bridging the gap between otherwise unfamiliar groups.
  • Learn About New Perspectives: The Pride Employee Resource Group from Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will be hosting a happy hour to connect their employees with members of Pridelines Miami. Hosted at The Gaythering Hotel on Miami Beach, this event will give opportunities for members of both groups to get to know one another and forge what will hopefully become long-lasting connections!
  • Learn About New Perspectives: Prism Creative Group is shaking off the taboo that neighborhoods don’t grow together by gathering a handful of Miami’s notable real estate developers together for a private discussion about how they can move forward with the community, and their parallel projects, in mind. They’re championing dialogue over perceived competition, and in doing so, bridging gaps to help the community grow together.
  • Learn About New Perspectives: The Overtown Youth Center, Allegany Franciscan Ministries, and the Overtown Council for the Common Good have partnered together to facilitate an honest and constructive dialogue between Overtown stakeholders about the state of housing and development in Overtown. Through a small and cordial dialogue between residents, local advocates, and development groups, the conversation will aim to educate participants and field honest feedback so that the community can move forward more unified than before.